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Mar 17, 2017

Spanish Champions will face Italian Champions Juventus in the Quarter-Finals of the Champions League 2016-17 Season. It's a repeat of the 2015 Champions League final, which Barca won 3-1 with Iniesta being the man of the match. The two legged tie will see Dani Alves, the ex-Barca right back will face his old club after moving for free last summer. After paired in the toughest duel in Pre-Quarters against PSG, Barca was hoping for a bit of relief. But Champions League draw hasn't given us any relief in last few seasons, and we got the high flying Italian Champions. For Barca one relief is that we will be playing the second leg at home.

Mar 10, 2017

Neymar Celebrating victory over PSG

- Man of the Match Neymar Celebrating with Fans -

If they can score four goals against us, we can score six. We have nothing to lose and a lot to win. Luis Enrique

As Luis Enrique and Luis Saurez said, we will score six if we need to; that came true at the end of a magical night at the Camp Nou. It was an impossible task, from every definition. The UEFA statistician who gives the probability of each team to progress pinned Barca's hope for a turn around at 0%. No one can blame him; it's never done; it's never imagined either! But in the end he will be sitting in front of his laptop with egg on his face for making the most astonishing prediction ever. The team to which he gave 100% chance is booted out by the team who had 0% chance. It was that kind of a night, one where "The Impossible becomes the Possible". Two days have passed since the memorable night; still everyone I spoke with is struggling to find words to describe it. It was a night when the Grit, the Determination, the Desire and the Will of the Barca players propelled the club to greater heights. In a strange sense many pundits were ready to declare the end of this Barca era which already have spanned 12 years on Wednesday; but instead are left to wonder at the magic produced consistently by the Golden Era Barca Club.

Feb 3, 2017

Lionel Mess, Luis Saurez and Neymar with Champions League Trophy

T he first knockout stage of the Champions League is less than a fortnight away, and once again, Barcelona are heavy favourites to lift the “big ears” at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff come June.However, Luis Enrique’s side haven’t been at their best this season. Their performances have fluctuated from brilliant one day to abysmal the other, hence pinning hopes on Barça winning their fourth Champions League in nine seasons might be a bit premature at this stage. If you are going to place your bets now, it would be prudent to opt to signup via Betting Expert to William Hill or any other bookmaker and take advantage of the best betting bonuses available.

Nov 2, 2016

You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem.Eldridge Cleaver

Barca's disastrous performance at the Etihad Stadium last night may be considered a one-off; definitely that's the solace their Manager holding on to. But looking back at a series of performance we may find a bigger problem hidden in all these performances. One might wonder which are those performances; especially looking at Barcelona's recent performances. But even in those tricky results and sensational performances, there were enough signs of last night's debacle waiting to happen. The explosive trio upfront had created an incredible sense of aura which makes these small crack invisible at times. The score line of 3-1 of last night may not give the apt picture; Manchester City dominated us completely for most of the game and our defense were put on relentless pressure. But for me as usual when Barca gets dominated then there is only one element which is at fault - Midfield.

Sep 1, 2016

Barcelona are currently the undisputed top team in Spain and last season were treble winners with La Liga, Copa del Rey and Supercopa de España. Since Pep Guardiola took charge of the team in 2008 they have won six of the past eight La Liga titles which brings them up to 24 time winners and gradually creeping up on Real Madrid who hold the record with 32 league wins. Current boss, Luis Enrique, has won two La Liga’s, two Copa del Rey’s, one Supercopa de España, one Champions League, one UEFA Super Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup, which is a very impressive collection and not far behind Guardiola’s record.

Dec 20, 2015

Luis Saurez unexpectedly found himself taking center stage at the Club World Cup in Japan. The absence of both Lionel Messi and Neymar leaves Luis Saurez leading the line at the Club World Cup. The availability of both Messi and Neymar for final on Sunday is still in doubt and that means Luis Saurez may have to alone lead the attack. The other strike options available currently in Barca Club World Cup squad doesn't inspire confidence. Both Munir and Sandro may have great futures ahead of them but lately they both, especially Munir has been specialising in missing open chances more than anything. Even without Messi and Neymar, Barcelona is still the favourite to win the title as per the form ('it's a bet based on the team's form')

Jul 16, 2015

Barcelona Football Club's defense to La Liga title will start in the toughest fashion possible with a series of tough fixture right from the starting day. The start in itself is spectacular with Barca visiting the San Mamés to kick start their title defense. Now usually a travel to Athletic Bilbao's home ground is a tricky affair; but this time around it may not be that tricky as we already would have traveled to the same place to face them in the Spanish Super Cup. Yes, you heard that right, three out of four of Barca's starting match is with Athletic Bilbao and all of those come in a series. Barca will start the 2015-16 season against Sevilla in the UEFA Super cup, followed by the two Spanish Super Copa matches against Athletic Bilbao and then the La Liga opener at the San Mamés. In the first 12 rounds of the La Liga we will be facing Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Real Madrid away from home. Despite such a tough start to the season, FC Barcelona remains the football betting sites favourite to win the 2015-16 La Liga title.

Jan 6, 2015

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln

The fact that Andoni Zubizarreta managed to stay as FC Barcelona's Director of Football was the biggest joke played on the fans for sometime. Some may argue that the board itself is a bigger joke, we will come to that later! This didn't come as a surprise to many. From the time we went to CAS fro appeal against transfer ban, there were hints that Andoni Zubizarreta would be made a scapegoat if the decision went against the club. The decision went against us and we have our Official Scapegoat. The Board members clearly knows that sacking him helps them to stick to their job for more time, a job for which they have no respect. I am not arguing that Zubizarreta should not have been sacked, I believed firmly that he should have been sacked long ago (Does Andoni Zubizarreta deserves to be Barca's Sporting Director?). I have argued for his sacking a year ago. He was the biggest joke played on Barca fans for sometime. No one had been rewarded like him for simply "Sleeping on the Job" in the history of the Club or even Football in general.

Dec 31, 2014

The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow. H.G.Wells

The Year 2014 ended in a sober note with Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissing FC Barcelona's appeal against a two window transfer ban imposed by FIFA. For many who followed the entire chronicles of event this come has no surprise. Only the extremely optimistic believed that the transfer ban will be revoked or at least reduced. Now with the transfer ban in place Barca cannot sign any players in January 2015 (which we hardly do!) and summer of 2015. The summer transfer ban would be the one which will hurt us a bit. As I wrote earlier, this ban could force the management, who notoriously have a habit of not trusting La Masia, to trust our kids again. If there any other team who could overcome such a transfer ban, then it has to be FC Barcelona. And that's all down to the strength of our recruits at La Masia.

May 20, 2014

Barca's troubles of this season were beautifully described by La Liga when they announced the Team of the Season". Not even a single Barcelona player made the cut. The Champions Atletico Madrid as expected, dominated the line-up. They have Courtois, Godin, Luis, Juanfran, Koke, Gabi and Diego Costa in the line-up. Real Madrid have three players in the line-up in the form of Ronaldo, Bale and Ramos. It's been some time since Lionel Messi has missed out on the Team of the Season.

Luis Enrique appointed FC Barcelona Manager

As widely speculated, FC Barcelona has confirmed the appointment of Luis Enrique as the First Team Manager for the next season. The two year deal would see him manage the club till the end of 2015-16 season. But then whether he will continue or not will depend definitely on the success of next season. This announcement was just a mere formality. Everyone knew that Luis Enrique would take over after Tata Martino announced his departure following the La Liga loss to Atletico Madrid. A day before Luis Enrique has announced in a press conference his departure from Celta de Vigo. Long before that there were serious speculations about him taking over from Martino, especially a very much publicized secret meeting between him and Barca Sporting Director Zubizarreta. It is believed that Luis Enrique is the Sporting director's pick.

May 8, 2014

The reluctant hero is always fun to play

Strange has been this season; like an obedient and polite school boy Barca has tried their best to stay out of the La Liga fight especially in the recent weeks, only to be dragged back right into it by fate, circumstances, whatever you may call it. Last Saturday night we said goodbye to whatever remaining La Liga hope, forward to Wednesday night - Barca's La Liga hopes are up and running big time. May be Barca is destined to play the reluctant hero this time around.

A reluctant hero is a tarnished or ordinary man with several faults or a troubled past, and he is pulled reluctantly into the story, or into heroic acts. During the story, he rises to the occasion, sometimes even vanquishing a mighty foe, sometimes avenging a wrong. But he questions whether he's cut out for the hero business. His doubts, misgivings, and mistakes add a satisfying layer of tension to a story

How well this describes the emotions each of us is facing? Barca has been pretty poor recently. They were expected to keep on fighting, but they have fallen short time and again especially when the pressure was on them. Now by the sheer turn of circumstances they face a situation where we could win the League without being at our best, with effectively one majestic performance. Betting houses have gone crazy, fans have gone crazier. If you have any idea of what's going to happen in two weeks’ time, then don't hesitate to make a football bet at William Hill. Positions have changed so much in a span of days that one would go crazy thinking how things will end up on 18th of May.

Apr 28, 2014

With the hard fought 3-2 victory at the El Madrigal we have kept our slender hope of retaining the La Liga title still alive. The game was bit messy withy us struggling to put the ball past Asenjo. Some would say we were lucky as our first two goals came from own goals. But I would say those came from situation and relentless pressure we created. The match was an emotional affair, but that didn't stop some crazy racist Villareal fan from throwing a banana at Alves. Alves reaction to that has been quite classy and it has already gone viral with #weareallmonkeys stealing the twitter storm. But what worries me more is some of the criticism on the team for last night's performance. It wasn't a classy Barca performance by any means but they won. They won it for one man whom they loved, who was a mentor to many and a friend to others. The sheer courage they that these players showed while taking the field to play, let alone win it should be appreciated without any questions being asked.

Apr 24, 2014

Every time one watched Messi playing against Bilbao last week, one would left to wonder whether he prefer playing alongside Pedro rather than Neymar. It's not the first time it has happened this season. There were pundits who pointed out why Pedro needs to come ahead of Neymar, especially in order to get the best out of Messi. I myself believed that it's not the presence of Neymar; it's the combination of Neymar and Cesc which is working against Barca and also Messi. But lately it has become very clear that to make these two great players work together will take some effort, something which is looking out of Martino's reach. Let's be honest, they have played decently alongside each other. Till last month they were doing well; maybe not in the devastating way we have expected when Neymar signing was announced. But still they were better together. But recently it was a total disaster.

Apr 23, 2014

Futbol Club Barcelona's appeal against the Transfer ban imposed by FIFA has been accepted by the footballing body. FIFA also have released the statement describing that they have suspended the sentence as they didn't see the appeal process(both at FIFA and CAS) to be completed before the commencement of the next tarnsfer and registration window. This definitely is very good news for Barca fans as we would finally be able to sign replacements of first team players who are leaving and reinforce positions which are stretched at the moment. We were pretty worried of the propsepect of Pinto being the first choice keeper once Valdes leave this summer. Not to worry anymore as Barca would be able to complete their signing of Ter Stegen from Germany. Not only that Barca will be able to complete the signing of Alen Halilovic. We were looking at the possibility of this Croatian wonder kid being stolen under our nose. Not to be anymore.

With the Club President indicating recently about a massive influx of players this summer, it may be wise for some of the current squad members to look for better options. It's not that the Club would be going in for a massive overhaul, especially considering that this management has always made only noise and has fallen short on their actions. Regardless of whether the Club management gets their act together, there are a number of players who urgently needs to look at whatever options available to them. These include a number of promising youngsters. Below is the list of players who are expected to leave Camp Nou at the end of this season.

Apr 21, 2014

Strange things happen in Football, not one many, many times. So I would say that Barca still have a glimmer hope of retaining their La Liga crown coming next week. But whatever small hope Barca have about La Liga could be decided at the end of next week. As of now, Atletico Madrid stands six point clear of Real Madrid(who have a game in hand) and four point clear of Barcelona. The equation is simple - if Atletico does not drop any point in the next three outings, the League title is theirs for the taking. The last match of the season will be only for crowning. But with some high profile matches coming this week, Atletico may have a chance of dropping some points, something every Barca fan is hoping for.

Apr 11, 2014

The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions

Lionel Messi is suddenly in the midst of all things Barca, not sure he would like that! There are cries in internet blogs and boards about need to sell him. Sure he was crap against Atletico Madrid, he wasn't the only one! But they only want him to be sold? They say Pep Guardiola took the brave decision of selling Ronaldinho and current Barca management should take similar decision with the Argentinian captain. They easily forget that two weeks ago they were all sitting back enjoying the Clasico victory which was fashioned by the star player almost alone. I do agree that Iniesta was brilliant in that match but let's take the big moments - first goal created by Messi, Second goal created by his sheer will and scored too, third created by a brilliant Messi through ball and scored the penalty. But still they wanted to sell him because he was crap against Atletico Madrid. He wasn't alone in that Iniesta was really poor but somehow all the blame is for Messi to shoulder. When Neymar was playing really poor no one asked him to be sold out. And they want to do that to a man who single handily has fashioned some of the greatest story this team has seen.

Apr 10, 2014

Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

With FC Barcelona's elimination from the UEFA Champions League, it appears the World as we know has come to an end! Not really, nothing changes; life goes on so do football. We now need to focus fully on the Copa Del Rey final and the league where we could get a chance to extract revenge on Atletico Madrid. With this defeat Barca's attempt to appear in a seventh consecutive semi-final has come to an end. Seven consecutive semi-finals and two championship is no mean task, but many believe that this team still has so much to offer. That's the reason why the elimination at the hands of Atletico surprised many. But whoever have closely watched Simeone's Atletico, it never surprised. Many thought than an upset is possible especially with the second leg at the Vicente Calderon. Let’s look at the reasons why Barca failed or better put Atletico won the tie.

Apr 6, 2014

Something Good Comes out of Every Crisis

In the moment of crisis one realise their true strengths! It looks like that's what happening at the moment at Barca. FC Barcelona is looking very much at the possibility of being kept out of the transfer market for a year or more. And what's the response from Barca's management to the FIFA's year long ban? A moral lecture about La Masia, its principles, its values and it's achievements. The problem is that when you are accused of violating a legal provision, lectures of morality are not going to do any good. It simply is an admission from the management that we are on a very sticky wicket and there may not be any help coming from any sides. That's why we keep hearing the talks of a secret conspiracy, a secret complainer, a black hand behind the curtains etc. The series of events which led to this could indicate a conspiracy behind the scene, but that does not give the management any face saving opportunity.

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