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Aug 26, 2022

Barcelona joins Bayern Munich and Inter Milan in Group C, which is the Group to watch out for in this season's Champions League.

If Xavi was hoping to catch a break in his second year, all hopes were dashed with last night's Champions League draw. Barcelona has been drawn in Group C, which is considered the group of death in this season. Barcelona is joined by Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Viktoria Plzeƈ in the Group.

Barcelona is on the path of revival and this pairing ideally should not scare us. But in all honesty, we all were wishing for a lesser tough group. That would have eased the season, but now we have to be on our toes every moment. There is no room for complacency and mistakes in this Group for any side. Even the simplest of mistakes could cost dear.

Barcelona should Top the Group

I would consider it as a letdown if we fail to top the group here. Maybe many will put Bayern favourite here, but this Barcelona side is emerging to be a tougher unit. Without any doubt, the topper will be from either one of these teams but the Catalan side remains the favourite to top it. The draw schedule literally could have a huge impact on all this.

With the World Cup scheduled to start in November, the National team players from Inter, Bayern and Barcelona would feel like been undone. They were hoping not to have to fight high-intensity competition before the World cup. That would be difficult now. The German national team, the Spanish National team especially will be considering this drawing bad timing.

Apart from Group C, most of the other Groups could see tame affairs. Group B could be considered interesting with Porto, Atletico, Leverkusen and Brugge. All other groups are relatively straight forward and one can accurately could predict who all will qualify.

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