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Sep 27, 2019

There is a feeling among many fans that the injury to Lionel Messi could be much worse than what is portrayed. Otherwise why there is so much secrecy around it?

Lionel Messi Rumoured to be Sidelined for Two Months with the Latest Injury? #Barca #Messi

It's strange, Lionel Messi who rarely is out with injury, have failed to complete a single match in this season! He rarely used to miss matches, and now it becoming extremely difficult to be fit for the match. Some see it as a sign of the good things coming to an end!

May be there is a pinch of truth in that. Remember, both Messi and Ronaldo are 32 and 34 respectively. It's been quite fascinating how these two managed to keep them fit so far, but maybe time is taking a toll on both of them.

I have to admit that Messi's overall fitness level this season is something which has worried me. It's not the injury alone, it appears that he has put some weight and that's also affecting his running speed. He never looked fit so far this season. Maybe once he clocks some playing time, it may all be fine.

Clocking playing time is the biggest worry for him. He is struggling to keep himself fit nowadays. The recent injury was supposed to be a short time event but unfortunately, he has re-injured himself, this time the thigh. The official version is a thigh strain.

The Secrecy, makes Everyone Worried

It's not the first time he or any of the major player in the club is getting injured. What is worrying is the secrecy surrounding this. The details related to this is being guarded as if it's a part of some 'Official Secrecy Act'. There are rumors of him returning back after Sevilla match. But the 'Million Dollar' question is 'Why so Much Secrecy?'

The club could have made it clear. What is forcing the club from doing so? It appears that there could be much more to this injury than what we know. In some section of media, there is news about Messi missing a sizeable amount of the season due to this injury. Remember, some season back, he had a similar injury which took him out of the whole season. Is it a revisit of the same?

May be it's a small injury. But the way pieces of information is guarded by the club makes one wonder whether the Club is hiding something. It would be better for the club to clarify the extent of his injury.

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