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Jun 11, 2019

Is it goiong to be yet another disastrous Transfer window for Barcelona? The Early Signs says so!

After the horrible double failure in Champions League and Copa del rey final, everyone expected Barcelona to be very proactive in the market. One cannot deny the fact that there is actions from Barcelona, but is it a focussed and purposeful actions which is being taken?

Barcelona's arch-rival Real Madrid have already made a huge splash in the transfer window. They moved early in order to consolidate the squad, also to quiet down all the discontent in the squad. In contrast, Barcelona has got De Jong, like months ago and that's it! Let's look at the reason why Barcelona might be up for another disappointing transfer season.

1. No Clear Direction set by the Coach

The management have repeatedly expressed their confidence in a failure like Valverde. Now we may not agree with that, but that's what we are stuck with. Valverde will once again try to get his salary hiding behind Messi's brilliance. Despite that we can only do one thing, PRAY!

As expected, nothing seems to have changed with Valverde. He has no idea of who he needs in the team, what way he is going to play and what all he wants to win the next season. We haven't heard yet a single demand made by Valverde regarding player signing. And that's not going to change.

In contrast, Zidane in Madrid is building the team he wants. Valverde is enjoying the fat salary package and the perks. He knows clearly that Messi may get him another league and that is enough to satisfy his Boss.

2. Too Much Politics in the Dressing Room

With Valverde not taking control, it appears that every big guy in the team is deciding who comes into the team. It's not only Messi who is deciding but Pique, Rakitic, Alba, Busquets, etc. Some week ago we had both De Ligt and Griezmann signing almost done. But now it appears Pique is vetoing both.

This way we will not make any serious signing this season. IF we need to satisfy everyone, it's going to be a tough run. Get ready to work with the same squad at the end of August.

3. Barcelona getting linked to Everyone

It appears we are behind every player in the world. There is not a single top player we are not interested in. This happens when the guy in charge, Valverde have set no direction. The sporting director looks confused, so he is going after everyone.

This will result in genuine targets getting confused and making a move to some other club. You can't blame them, as they are not sure whether Barcelona is serious about them. Gone are the days when Barcelona did their signing quick, in stealth and with purpose.

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