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Jun 18, 2019

Despite the dissappointing defeat in the opener of Copa America 2019, Argentina still could win the competition, if they get these three simple things right!

3 Things Argentina Should Do to Triumph at the Copa America 2019?

So the knives are already out for Argentina and Lionel Messi. They have been written off by pundits as a genuine title contender after their 2-0 defeat against Colombia. There is no disagreeing about the fact that their Copa America opener didn't go the way they have planned. But to write them off, after what I will describe as a decent, hope-giving performance is way too much.

Some may ask what have I seen to be hopeful about the team. It's a tough question. But if we break the match into parts, we can clearly see how this Argentina team could go all the way. For that, they have to get these three things right.

1. Don't Panic; Don't panic like World Cup 2018

Let's go back to last year's World Cup. Argentina started the campaign in a not so inspiring fashion, drawing against a well organized Iceland. Instead of reading that result properly, the coach and the players panicked.

The Iceland result was disappointing but it was majorly due to an opponent who played the best defensive game of their lives. Instead of making only necessary changes, Argentina panicked and went for wholesale changes. The result was a bad drubbing against Croatia and panic riding through the entire squad.

They shouldn't repeat that folly in the Copa America 2019. The defeat against Colombia was disappointing; but if looked in a positive note, Argentina was the better team and created more danger than their opponent. They should feel a bit like being robbed, but then their defensive fragilities caused it.

They need to correct those, but no wholesale changes. There are small tweakings needed. They should also see the bigger picture. They still can qualify if they win against Paraguay and Qatar. They should slowly look to build the momentum and gel as a team.

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2. Di Maria Should never Start; Rodrigo de Paul should be Regular

The majority of discussion regarding selection is usually centered around Dybala and how Argentina has so far not found a way to integrate him and Messi together. But the real discussion should be about how Di Mari is getting selected as a starter.

For me, he should never start but should remain as an impact substitute. First of all, he has been rather inconsistent, then does not work hard and have no tactical brain. He has to be one player who never improved much throughout his playing career.

When Rodrigo de Paul came in for him, the change was sparkling. Suddenly the left wing came to life and Messi was getting a bit more space to work his magic. Argentina definitely needs that going forward. Even though the right wing remains a constant concern after both goals getting conceded there.

3. Argentina needs to attack from the Word 'Go'

What was Argentina actually guilty of against Columbia, was a lax attitude. They tried to settle first and then attack later. Maybe it was fine playing the first game of the tournament. But it cannot be going forward.

They need to be aggressive with their pressing from the first whistle. It's in that initial few minutes, you could unsettle the opposition and when you have Messi out there, that will create additional panic.

Regardless of whether the teams get drained or not, Argentina should press higher and hard in the first twenty minutes. If they do that they will definitely create enough opportunities to make the match their own.

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