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Dec 4, 2010

Camacho and Osasuna looks to avoid facing Barca at any cost

I was in no mood to write a preview after the Monday night's clasico. But many of you may not be aware of the issues surrounding the Osasuna clash. The Osasuna vs Barca match was shcheduled to start tonight at 8pm. But a sudden strike of air traffic controllers have put Barca's plan in disarray. Sometime before it was confirmed through official channels that the game was postponed and will be held at 5pm. But it looks like Osasuna players, fans and club are terrified by the prospect of playing us and will do anything to get away from that. The Osasuna players have refused to play tomorrow and is looking to invoke the withdrawal rule to get three points against us. It looks like this club is also funded by one from the Capital. Barca's delay has been due to unforseeable circumastances and their request to play tomorrow is justifiable. But it looks like Osasuna is a club full of cowards and will do anything to get away from a tough challenge. As it stands, Barca has already started for Osasuna match and most probably will be reaching there at 9pm. If the rumours has to be believed then we most probably will have a match at 10pm. Our boys most probably have to get down the coach and head straight into the field. This is going to be very tough, but I hope our team is able to teach these bast**rds some lesson about dignity.
Latest Rumours suggesting that we will lose points if we are not at the stadium by 20:30.

Latest Update : Players are warming up at this moment. Looks determined.

Watch out this post of latest updates.

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