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Oct 24, 2012

  • FC Barcelona secured a deserving winner with a 94th minute Jordi Alba goal.
  • FC Barcelona came from behind after going down to Celtic early in first half.

Jordi Alba scored a last mminute winner to take all three points off their match against Celtic. Celtic was really unlucky not to have got a point from the match. They scored first and then defended with their live only to see all their hopes get destroyed at the very last minute. An own goal from Mascherano(the credit should go for a great free kick and a Samaras header) gave Celtic a surprise lead. Iniesta equalised for us in the last minute of first half and then Jordi Alba sealed the match with a 94th minute goal. Vilanova chose a back four of Adriano, Bartra, Mascherano and Alba to face Celtic. Iniesta, Xavi and Song formed the midfield. Pedro, Messi and Sanchez formed the front three. Pinto, Montoya, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Cesc, Villa and Tello were on the bench.

In the 2nd minute Iniesta played a delightful ball on the blindside of Celtic defense to put Sanchez on goal, but Alexis shot wide from a very promising position. In the 9th minute Alba came from deep sent in a great cross, but Celtic defense did really well to prevent Pedro from reaching on the end of it. In the 17th minute a well taken corner routine resulted in great header from batra, but it was well saved. In the 18th minute Celtic went ahead against the run of play from a set piece free kick. The free kick was sent in perfectly, samaras headed it but a defelction from Mascherano left Valdes hapless. The pace on counter from celtic was seriously troubling us. In the 22nd minute Lionel Messi saw his free kick going agonisingly close of the left corner. In the 33rd minute Adriano took a shot at the near post from outside the box, the goal keeper made no mistake with that. In the 36th minute Xavi came close to equalising when he latched onto a ball from Alexis. In the 38th minute Lionel Messi saw yet another free kick brushing off the bar of the goal. In the 45th minute Iniesta equalised from a play which can only be described as play station football. Messi played the ball to Iniesta who laid it off to Xavi, who inturn gave it back to Iniesta. Iniesta's first touch was terrific which enabled to slot the ball home even when going down.

We were probing relentlessly at Celtic from the start of the hal, but they remained very organised in defense. Also they were causing some trouble with their counter. In the 65th minute Messi had a shot which was easily saved by the keeper. The very next minute Iniesta had another shot from outside straight at the keeper. In the 68th minute Celtic keeper made a blind save off Messi just infront of the goal. In the 74th minute the keeper denied Alba from scoring. In the 75th minute the keeper made another brilliant save from a very good header from Messi. In the 76th minute Vilanova made the first chnage of the night bringing in Tello for Pedro. In the 80th minte Villa came in for Alexis. In the 82nd minute Song saw his header deflected for a corner. In the 88th minute Adriano shot high over the bar from edge of the box. In the 90th minute David Villa hit the post after a great piece of inter play between Messi and Iniesta. In the last minute of injury time Jordi Alba got Barca the deserving winner when he met a cross from Adriano on th edge of box.

The match resembled our clash with Chelsea of last season for the majority of part. They scored a surprise goal, we were struggling to break their defense, then a moment of magic involving the Holy trio - Messi, Xavi and Iniesta secured us the equaliser before the half. Second half was different story with us coming with full intent but Celtic defense, the keeper and the post were keeping us from the winner. When the 90th minute Villa shot hit the post, I gave up the hope of three points. But the team never gave up hope.

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