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Nov 27, 2009

The "El Classico " is almost upon us and football lovers around all over the world will be making sure that they don't miss this one. On Sunday, November 29 the world of football will be brought to a standstill as the gods of football clash at the Camp Nou. The Real Madrid - Barca rivalry is one of the oldest rivalries in the world of football. No footballing rivalries might have so much political influence like the El Classico. May be the Inida - Pakistan clashes are the only one which is similiar to the Barca - Real clash. It has always been considered as the clash of two political ideologies, rather than footballing ideologies. Definitely Real Madrid vs Barcelona clash is a clash of two footballing philosophies, but the political reasons have always dominated these clashes. For Barca supporters it has been always a clash between the oppressor and the oppressed. The closeness of Real Madrid to the centre of power has resulted in Real Madrid being branded as the club of the dictator, Franco. Even though Real Madrid supporters and management has also suffered at the hand of Franco, this notion still remains across the world. In that sense FC Barcelona supporters always believe that a clash against Real Madrid is against the ideals of Franco. Many may not agree with me, but I have seen in many discussion groups - sentiments of the same. It was during the reign of Franco, FC Barcelona truly became "More Than a Club"(as their moto say). FC Barcelona matches was the place where the progressive thinking Spanish nationals gathered to voice their protest. Catalunya was the birth place of all the modern thinking in Spain and subsequently became the centre place of protest against the cruelty of Franco.

The "El Classico" of nowadays is not at all a clash of political ideologies any more. It has to do with the fact that in modern Spain, Barcelona emerged as a real powerhouse rivalring Madrid. Even though the Catalunya movement is still strong and has huge following in Catalonia, it is no more linked with these rivalries. But the modern day Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona matches are still a very significant clash. It is now a clash between two very successful footballing ideologies. FC Barcelona's footballing ideologies has been based on their youth set-up at La Masia and their unending quest to play the beautiful game, the right way. Meanwhile Real Madrid youth setup is as good as Barca's but their philosophies work on buying the best and being the best. The first Galacticos Era with his initial success has become the philosophies on which Madrid operates nowadays. Money is not at all a problem for Real. We Barca fans claim that our philosophies are morally right, but the Madrid fans are also going to do the same. So there is no point in debating which one is morally the right philosophies, none of us are going to give an inch. Whatever it means, Sunday's clash at Camp Nou is the real clash of Barca and Real ideologies, I mean footballing. This is a clash between a Real Madrid side, who has been stiched together with over 250 million dollars and a FC Barcelona side which has seen majority of the stars coming out of La Masia. Real Madrid have brought some of the best players in money whereas Barca produced those great players in their side.

Hence, a "El Classico" may not have a political influence of the older times, but it is still a clash of two contrasting ideologies. But above all it is one of the biggest marketing fiesta in modern day football. El Classico's importnace is always huge in a season as it is always a match between two title contenders. Spanish football is dominated by the two powerhouses based in Barcelona and Madrid. These two clubs always remain the real title contenders and a clash between these two at many times, decides the title. This El Classico will be different. This one above all will be a clash of footballing ideologies because of the way the teams are assembled.

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