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Oct 23, 2009

I have been on road for last two days and missed the Champions league match against Rubin Kazan. So this one resulted in the first defeat officially this season. Now if we take the last three matches into presective, there could be some alarm bells ringing. The 1-0 victory against Almeria was far from convincing, the draw at Valencia was aided by some heavy fortune and the 2-1 defeat can be attributed to lack of the same. But the cry of a crisi could be too pre-mature but everyone agrees that if we don't deal with this early this could spell trouble. In the last three matches we definitely had trouble with our finishing especially against a desperately defending side. Complacency could have been a big contributing factor but I think the bigger factor could be that we are not yet playing at the pace which we used to play last season. It is also time for us to understand and plan for ultra defensive opponents. I have earlier explained that rather than crying about these tactics we could do a world of good if we start preparing for these types of matches.

The home defeat against Rubin Kazan put Barca in a precarious position. We are now looking ata possibility of being eliminated from the group. The usual estimation was that by the completion of the match against Rubin at camp Nou we should have taken a sizeable lead in the group. Now this group resembles the real group of death. It is going to be very tough winning at Russia and Ukraine and that has become must win matches for us. The overall performance of the team agaisnt Rubin Kazan was pretty ok. The first goal was definitely a mistake from part of Valdes, If you watch the replays you can cleary see that valdes most probably had it covered but never went in full stretch to take that goal. The second goal has been a usual style goal agaisnt barca. But in between we have made enough chances but could not capitalise on it. May be the international break did effect us. Whatever be the reason it is time for our team to buckle up. On the positive note, this defeat has come very early in the seasona nd could energise Barca back to the best. No team has ever won the Champions League with out losing a single match. Now since we have lost one now we are very well on path to Bernebeu (Ending the post in a positive note).

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