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Oct 15, 2009

Ok, first of all some glad news to Barca fans in sub-continent. TenSports is telecasting Barca TV every Tuesday at 11:30PM Indian time. Last week we had the re-telecast of FC Barcelona vs Almeria match. Let me repeat it is no live telecast, but it is good to see the matches in full in TV after two days, atleast it is better than nothing. I had so many people complaint here about the lack of quality while streaming via internet. As of now you have to still stream the matches if you want to watch it live but then it will refreshing to watch the match properly after some time. Ok, let's just look it in a positive way - It is better than nothing. Argentina finally qualified for South Africa with a 1-0 victory against Uruguay. It was no classic attacking performance, but was a very efficient one considering that Argentina needed only one point to go through. Lionel Messi once again failed to shine and he will continue to do the same until Maradona decides to use him a bit behind the forward. The lack of service to Messi upfront means he is simply wasted at his position now. But still it would be great for Messi that they have managed to qualify. Have they failed it could have affected his performance at Barca.

Meanwhile Ibrahmovic and Henry is reported to have picked up injury while doing their national duties. This injury could be a head-ache for Guardiola as Xavi is also reported to is carrying a knock. The internet is full of rumours of a possible signing of Robinho by Barca in the January tranfer window. God knows what will happen.

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