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Aug 20, 2020

With another Cryuff disciple in charge now, will we see a resurrection of Barcelona? Or the curse of 'Cryuff's Tears' will sink the club to further lows!

There is indeed an element of poetic justice with what is going on at the great Sporting Institution named, FC Barcelona. I purposely didn't use the word football club, because it's not the footballing project which remains completely shattered. It was merely the last bastion that was destroyed by the evil King and his kin.

It is safe to say that Barcelona has lost its identity in terms of Footballing ideals and Principles which governed the clubs. Nowadays under the able leadership of Bartomeu and earlier Rosell, Money, Fame, and Success are the only things which matter. That was not the case with the Club for a pretty long time.

Mar 24, 2016

It's a very sad day for FC Barcelona football club with the passing away of Barca Legend, Johan Cryuff. In February, he tweeted about his fight with Cancer and how he felt he would overcome it. It was not meant to be. For Barca, he has been undoubtedly the Greatest Player and Coach. A look into the Clubs Character and playing style you would see his influence everywhere - even in the majority of trophies we have won in recent times. As a Barca fan, I would like to thank him for all memories and entertainment. May his Soul Rest In peace.

Mar 27, 2010

FC Barcelona board has unanimously named Johan Cryuff as the Honorary President of FC Barcelona. Johan Cryuff is the most successfuly player and coach Barca ever had. Barça’s corporative director general, Joan Oliver siad that "It is an honour to recognise him". Indeed it was just a decision waiting to happen, as Cruff always has been a very influential figure. He was always been a fatherly figure to Barca management, a voice which is revered for many Barca fans. His impact on the the club can be seen at all levels, especially in the playing style which resembles the "Total Football" philosophy. Laporta always regarded Cryuff's words as God sent and many times he was proven right.

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