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May 12, 2019

Ivan Rakitic's Presence in the midfield of Barcelona, when it got overrun raises questions about the Croatians ability to control the game.

Ivan Rakitic is in the middle of the storm at Barcelona following the spectacular, but a humiliating loss at Anfield. To an extent, the fans are justified to raise fingers at the Croatian. He was literally 'Missing in Action' on the pitch of Anfield.

With him and Coutinho literally going invisible, Barcelona was reduced to a two-man midfield when the initial needs were for four men. Is there more to the presence of Rakitic in midfield and all those spectacular collapses in midfield?

Jun 17, 2014

Barcelona futbol Club has made an official announcement about the agreement reached between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC for the signing of central midfielder Ivan Rakitic. Ivan Rakitic, who will officially pen his deal with Barca after he returns from World Cup, will sign a 5 year long deal. As expected and widely speculated, the agreement also sees Barcelona B striker Dennis Saurez joining Sevilla FC for a two year loan. As per the agreement, FC Barcelona will be paying 18 Million Euros for the play maker and another 3 Million in pipeline as incentive. Considering that we managed to sell Cesc Fabregas for 33 Million and sign Rakitic for half the amount, this is an excellent deal. At 18 Million he would be one of the cheapest player available this season.

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