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Jun 16, 2022

Frankie De Jong looks like the only option Barcelona have got to raise money this summer. Even though it will complicate their plans, keeping him at the club this season may not be an option at all.

If necessity is the mother of invention, urgency is the uncle of change.Nell Scovell

Urgency, that's the catchword at Barcelona at the moment. Everything we do is driven not only by necessity but also by the "urgency of that necessity". It may sound confusing, but then confusion has been the state of Affairs in Barcelona for more than a year.

No Club has been hit hard by the Pandemic like Barcelona. From being one of the biggest powerhouses in World Football, Barcelona has been reduced to an average player on the global stage. Many of the fans and Club's supporters will blame the Pandemic, but in their inner self, they also agree that it was just a trigger. Everything that happened before it was the real cause of the rot.

La Liga makes it Difficult for Barcelona

The rumour mills have never stopped at Barcelona for so long. Remember, the stories of the numerous signings we were going to make once the transfer window opens! Turns out, that none of them was true. Maybe the fans should reconcile to the fact that the team they had last season could be their only hope coming next season.

Barcelona was hoping to obtain a degree of good measure leverage from La Liga authorities considering the big cuts they made last season. But Tebas and his board will have none of that. So the bottom line is as described by Laporta "We were practically Dead last season, we are better this season, but is still in Intensive Care".

Why does Barcelona need to Sell De Jong?

None of the big-name/small-name signings which were making news a few weeks earlier can be made without raising the money for it and getting the wage system in control. The biggest problem for Barcelona is as in last season, they are stuck with a lot of players on high wages which they don't want but will not leave. They don't have the money to terminate their contract right now. And most of them have no suitors who could vie for their service, which spells out why they are holding on to the Barcelona job.

Frankie De Jong, is a rare deviation from the aforementioned. Once billed as the pivot on which Barcelona's midfield for the future will be built remains still a main player in the squad. But with the arrival of Pedri and Gavi, the club could be thinking about letting him go if they get a good enough price.

That's the biggest point also, De Jong is the one player at the moment who evokes interest in the transfer market. Especially, with the arrival of Ten Haag at Machester United, the expectation is that the Manchester Club will try to get him to England. That means a good price tag ensured for Barcelona.

If Barcelona sells De Jong, it may create a future problem for Barcelona, especially when Busquets retire. De Jong was billed as a natural replacement for Busquets, but with the state of affairs at Barcelona, staying alive currently is the biggest task; the future is nowhere in sight.

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