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Nov 24, 2021

With the failure to win against Benfica, Barcelona now needs a positive result in Allianz Arena, and that may be not enough!

In the end, Barcelona has to be considered extremely lucky to be still alive in the competition, even though that hope is more or less extinguished the moment you look into the next match. Benfica, who were the second-best team for the majority of the match had a great chance to secure their passage at the end. One has to wonder whether they have to pay a huge price for that miss.

Barcelona's hopes very much lies in the hope that Dinamo Kiev will be able to win against Benfica away from home. Barcelona's last match of the group is against Bayern Munich away from home. Getting a point from that itself is going to be very tough, but Barcelona will be hoping to prevent a massacre in the first place.

Lack of Fire Power upfront made Life Difficult for Barcelona

Let's be honest, the performance by Barcelona was really good for most of the matches. Obviously, in a lineup filled with youngsters, the lack of experience proved a big handicap. The lack of firepower up front prevented Barcelona from making inroads and Benfica who were always playing for the draw, made life more difficult.

If one is looking for hope for the future, this performance clearly showed that. But being Barcelona is not a simple affair, you are expected to make it to the knockout rounds and that appears quite difficult now.

Bayern Munich may rest the majority of stars in the next match. But still one has to wonder whether Barcelona has the firepower to get a good result at Allianz Arena. Bayern has its share of failures in Bundesliga, especially against non-fancied sides. Hence Barcelona has hope left, but at the moment that hope hangs by a thin thread, maybe an invisible thread!

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