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Jun 18, 2021

For Football fans of Barcelona, it has been quite a disappointing season with Barcelona Men's football team struggling to come third in the League. Normal clubs will be thrilled after winning the King's Cup, but for a Club like Barcelona, the failure of the other tournaments dampens that spirit. That's the consequence of having enormous success in the past and also have the World's Best Player in the ranks.

In all this doom, it would be criminal for us to ignore the success of the two other department of Barcelona's Sporting Fraternity - The Men's Basket Ball Team and the Women's Football Team. They made sure that we had enough to celebrate at the end of the season if one can look past 'Messi and Boys'.

It's sound like poetic justice to see these two departments fairing well considering that some time back, the Board under Rosell and Bartomeu were seriously considering the need to support all sporting fraternities. For them, they saw success and money in Men's football alone and was considering every other department as an unnecessary privilege.

Barcelona Femeni's Dominates the Scene

What Barcelona Femeni did was outstanding. There should be cheers thrown to the fact that they won a historic treble, but the way they did that made everyone happy. They were absolutely everything we wanted our Men's team to be.

It was destruction after destruction everywhere. Whoever that came in front of them was thoroughly destroyed. They lost one match in the entire season, away to Atletico Madrid. They were that close to becoming invincible.

FC Barcelona Bàsquet defeats Real Madrid to be the Champions

FC Barcelona Bàsquet has been the most successful team in the Liga ACB. They extended their record to 16 titles now after getting crowned as the Champions of 2020-21 season. In the final they beat Real Madrid 89-75, 92-73 to be the champions. Real Madrid who was at the #1 position after the League rounds would be devastated losing to arch-rivals.

The Basket Ball team will now get a chance to compete for the European League. It's quite sad that these teams cannot compete with the NBA teams in an InterContinental Competition. The NBA Teams has been the gold star when it comes to Basket Ball globally.

For the promotion of sport, especially in Europe into the hearts of the masses, it would have been wonderful if the top teams in Europe compete with the NBA teams. For these teams also it would be quite a brilliant way to measure if they could play someone like the current NBA Champions, Los Angeles Lakers. With the NBA plays-offs progressing it would be a brilliant time to recap what happened in the NBA deadline trade -

Basket Ball has quite a fan following in the World, especially in Europe. But it is far from being one of the most loved sports in Europe. A FIFA World Club Cup like the competition where the Best in Europe takes on the Best in Europe will only increase the popularity of the game.

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