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Jan 7, 2014

"There is so much that people take for granted"

There is no doubt that the recent exploits from Barca's forwards have left the fans extremely satisfied. They are satisfied to such an extent that there are so much discussions happening about how Barca finally managed to kick the dreaded Messidependencia out, how the Pass First to Messi attitude has changed and how Barca have suddenly realized missing Messi is not a big thing! This leads one to wonder whether the only group who values Messi less is the Barca fans themselves. Even Real Madrid fans tend to believe that Messi is what makes the difference to this Barca side, even though they rate him below Ronaldo. All this is happening when a study commissioned by three leading European Clubs have placed his value at staggering 400 Million Euros. And there are reports that a club is willing to pay his 250 Million buyout clause. If he is valued this high, then why Barca fans tend to suggest that missing Messi does not make much of a difference now, especially with Neymar's arrival? If it's really true then we could definitely cash on him!

Don't get me wrong - I always have argued that Barca could not have picked up a better time to have Messi out with injury. The fixtures were in such a way that we could easily manage with his absence and we should have him fit and fine when it really mattered. But some of the reactions to Barca's recent good performance have seriously confused me. The narrative around now is that Barca is in a better position this season to handle his absence and other players collectively have been able to replace his impact. It's not the first time we are hearing this. We have heard the same last season when he was scoring tons of goals to keep our hopes alive in every competition. The best was when Lionel Messi managed to secure Barca 2 away goal advantage at Paris before getting injured. We were told that his absence is not a big thing as Sanchez and Cesc were able to step up (they did against Mallorca in the weekend scoring five between each other). But when PSG came calling we were back to our desperate calls and prayers for our Maestro, Lionel Messi. One would have thought the image of a half-fit Messi limping before creating the goal which secured our place in next round will never fade from Cules' memory.

There is no doubt that Barca as a team did well in his absence. But then they were supposed to do so. But any euphoria associated with this should be tempered after taking into account the quality of opposition. After Messi's injury we had to deal with Real Betis(when Messi got injured the score was 0-0), Granada, Ajax, Atletic, Celtic, Villareal, Getafe and Elche. Out of this we had three tough fixtures - Villareal, Ajax and Atletic. We lost two of those and won the next one. Looking into these facts, can one really say we didn't miss Messi in those matches?

Messidependencia, if you like it or not will remain in the team forever. That's because of the quality and talent of the little Argentinian. Why would you not want things to run through the Best Player in the World? Even after the addition of Neymar, the game will continue to run through Messi. No team can have two pivots; no system will be able to balance such an imbalance. That could be the reason why Cryuff urged to sell Messi after signing Neymar. The sad thing is that we value Messi only when we face difficult team and when we want one of our guys to win individual awards! The only way you could get rid of Messidependencia is to sell him, the question is Would You? Rosell will (if allowed)! May be we also deserve it - after all to appreciate something which was so dear to us, one should truly lose it.

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