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Sep 16, 2013

Adversity reveals genius, prosperity conceals it. - Horace

In the end the Little Genius on the Pitch made the big difference. It was the 93rd minute, the fans were losing hope but still called for a last push, the players almost gave up, Barca has conjured up a way to give up a healthy two goal lead, many fellow cules switched off their TV, I almost did till I saw the determination of Lionel Messi; so I decided to wait for the final whistle and that was the best decision I made for some time. Let's be honest, had it not been for Lionel Messi we would be sitting and thinking how we managed to end up losing two points. In a way that's cruel on other players, for most of the match most of them were better than the Argentinian. I don't think we have seen Messi playing this crap in some time. It was horrible to watch him in the first half, constantly losing possession, every attempted mazy run getting blocked, over hitting deliveries; it wasn't the Lionel we knew! On the contrary the newcomer Neymar simply majestic, he was terrorising any player defending on the left; at times they simply gave up; he was simply magical. But in the end had it not been for the Argentinian his whole hard work would have gone to waste.

For a Messi fan, the first half was simply unbearable. It was like he was not match fit at all. Neymar constantly usurped him and most of the game was flowing through him. Messi was dropping deeper to get involved, but the control simply wasn't there. He was crap throughout the match; if one had to rate him even a very hardcore Messi fan could only give him a four on a scale of ten. But when the match ended all the calculation were simply over-turned. He showed clearly the difference between legendary players and great players. Maradona at his peak would do this - simply become invisible for majority of the match and then wake up change the whole picture in one moment. It's the trademark of a Genius. Neymar may be a great player, but Messi si destined to be legendary and Saturday night we saw why.

The winning goal scored by Sanchez was created by Messi's determination, nothing else. When he received the ball there was nothing called danger(for Sevilla) or a chance for us. When he played the ball ahead of the defender, there was no way he could run to it; but strangely everyone felt he would. That's something you could see at Messi time and again. Whenever he takes his determination to work, we could feel it. Remember that glorious goal against Real Madrid at Bernebeu. When he received the ball from Busquets, we simply felt that he is gonna do something. Same was the case here. We were sure he simply would reach the ball on the byline; he did and the rest as they say is history.

This match to an extend was the marquee match which fit the way we did our business in the transfer window. Neymar excited all with his mazy dribbles and was all over Sevilla in the opening exchanges. Still it wasn't enough to get us on the scoresheet. The worrying fact was the way both the goals were conceded. It resembled last season, when opponents scored against with some rare forays into our box. At our peak we used to concede when we were constantly putting under pressure, which to say the truth was rare. But nowadays the goals are coming out of the blue.

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