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Sep 12, 2012

  • Finally after 23 years, the Authorities accepts the truth.
  • It's become clear that the Police inaction could have cost 41 lives.

All those lies, all those damn lies, finally have been proven wrong. The allegations of drunk fans responsible for the loss of 96 lives on that fateful day in 1989, has been proven wrong. The release of documents related to the disaster has clarified and proven what the families of victims and the Red fans has been saying for all these 23 years. Now it's officially accepeted that the disaster was a result of collosal failure on the part of Police and other related authorities. But the real disaster or tragedy was the cover-up and the shifting of blame after the disaster. It took 23 years, yup 23 long years to know the truth or should I say for the officials to accept the truth. It was clear from today morning that those related to the authorities knew the truth from the very first day. It was no coincidence that 23 years later Sheffield Wednesday chose to apologise for the disaster. The better use of word would be "Forced to Apologise". For a person sitting miles away from England, the Hillsborough disaster was at first just yet another sad disaster day. That was until I started to read about the cover-up that followed. This is not only a failure of the Government organisation but also the Justice system who should have given these families peace of mind years earlier. Instead they failed them, not only that they rubbed more salt into those bereaved families.

The failure of the Police department and the Coroner in the entire event has been a known truth from the start. The only ones who chose not to believe were the authorities who had the power to deliver justice. but the revelation of today's release have painted a very gruesome picture. The coronet Dr.Stefan Popper had limited main events up until 3:15pm inrder to abstain the Police from major responsibility and to cover up their decision to not allow ambulances inside the stadium. The idea was to declare that the victims who all died received fatal injuries by 3:15pm so the non-availability of Ambulances didn't matter. But the documents revealed paint a different picture. Out of the 96 people who died, 41 could have been saved had the Police acted in time to let the Ambulances in. But instead they stopped all the ambulances at the entrance except one, saying that the fans are fighting at each other. The entire exercise was to cover that stupid decion making which would have put the guy who made the decision in trouble. It is not clear who made the decision to get the accusation going on about drunk fans. But the coroner made evry attempt to prove that. He squeezed blood out of dead bodies and for those who couldn't find any alcohol trace, they went through the criminal record to accuse them. Had this efficiency they have shown earlier, 96 people wouldn't have lost their lives.

What is so surprising for an Outsider is that it remained covered up all these years. Europe is always considered in the third world countries as the best upholder of Human Rights and Justice. May be that view is completely wrong. The evidences in this case has been, to put in Cameron's words - Black and White. But still the authorities, Government and the Judiciary failed the victims and their families. Not only they didn't deliver justice, instead they went on accusing the fans involved. Even in the worst civilized world, one could not think about these kind of accusation on dead victims. That happened in England and the authorities were absolutely fine with it. The fact that everyone involved knew about the truth was demonstrated by today's apology offered by Sheffield United, something which should have 23 years ago. David Cameron while making the statement in Parliament apologised Profoundely to the Liverpool fans . so did Milband, the Labour leader. But I see them most as nothing but crocodile tears. Take a close look at his statements you will find he was making base for the defense of Governments that ruled after the disaster. When asked about Thatcher government's failure to deliver justice, he held on to the age old theory of the Police misguiding the Government. But here is the problem in such a defense. Following the accusation(which first featured in SUN), the Liverpool fans and victim's families fought against it from day one. So why didn't Thatcher's Government did something that time? Would she had taken it this lightly if instead of the Liverpool fans, had members of Royal family suffered the same fate? The simple fact of the matter was - Police told Thatcher what she wanted to hear. So they made sure that the same story was put forward by all Governmental investigation.

The families of the victims of Hillsborough disaster would be relieved that their loved ones names wouldn't be tarnished anymore in public. But Will justice be ever delivered to them? These new findings have to go to the same judiciary which sided with the establishments previously. A judge cannot say that these details weren't available to him. So basically the judiciary discarded all these clear evidences earlier. Now it has to be seen how they will see this now. One thing is clear, the families of these victims will be fighting the establishment for getting justice. This fight will not be possible without the support of Soccer fans across the Globe. especially the English one, if every Soccer fans get to the street and peacefully demand for the justice(which now has to be delivered), the Government cannot hide from it. The Government and authorities failed them but they still fought on, but if we fail them now, they may not win at all. Remembering them in our prayers may not be enough to deliver justice.

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