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Nov 23, 2006

Christian Ceballos - remember the name
Barcelona's boy wonder

Barcelona new talent Christian Ceballos impresses Ronaldinho in training

Cristian Ceballos is a chaval of 12 years that was the last year to play the Barsa. It played in the Bansander and when the Racing wanted it to play the Channel Extra and to file it wine the Barsa and took it to the Masía. To him and his family, with a work to be near the chaval. I can assure to you that I have not seen anything similar to that age and sight that I have seen many. Not even Jonatan. So that you hagais an idea, Ronaldinho was summoned to give a practical exercise with 11 or 12 chavales of the inferior categories of the Barsa and appear he there seeing as it throws Ronaldinho lack. This podeis to find in the Google if deletreais Cristian Ceballos.Creo that is a page of the Sport World. This year has played little because average injured season is had past. It is difficult to guess if soccer will arrive very high (his worse enemy is his short stature and weight) but must to give and to give. Hopefully it prevails mainly by the good of soccer and because his first steps gave them here. LUCK CRISTIAN!

Soccer kid - video powered by Metacafe

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