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Feb 26, 2020

The Chilean looked inept for the task on hand at the wing of an attacking trio. Should Setién continue the self-defeating experiment of using Vidal upfront? Left or Right doesn't seem to make a difference!

Vidal's moment of recklessness could seriously hamstring Barcelona at the return leg of Napoli clash at the Camp Nou. With him being not available, Barcelona has been left with just three regular starters to fill the midfield roles. Setién could be seriously worried here as the Chilean was one of the Coach's favorite player.

Vidal has been one of the important weapons in Setién's armory. He along with Roberto is the ultimate utility player in the squad and the coach has been using the Chilean regularly as an offensive weapon. But has the experiment with Vidal is slowly losing its focus?

Jan 28, 2020

Arturo Vidal was expected to leave in the winter market, with Inter being the prime destination. That all have changed with the arrival of Setién and the Chilean have become one of the most important players in midfield.

Has Arturo Vidal established himself as a key player under Quique Setién? That question in itself may sound unreasonable to some! After all the Setién regime is just three matches old and in those Vidal started only one, the first match. Despite being a non-starter, Setién would vouch that if there is a player who understood his philosophy so far, that has to be the Chilean.

It was quite evident from the last match, the defeat against Valencia. The moment Vidal came in for Arthur, there was a drastic change in Barcelona's options going forward. Even though it was undone by poor finishing upfront and poor defending, Vidal definitely held his head high.

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