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Oct 9, 2012

  • Barca Fans are concerned with Dani Alves sudden dip in form.
  • Dani Alves was at fault for goals against Sevilla and Real Madrid

Barca fans across the world has been concerned by the form of Dani Alves this season. From the start of the League he was having a kind of up and down season. There were some matches where he looked really good. But even a hardcore Dani Alves supporter would admit that, those were few and far between. And in his last two outings he has been guilty of exposing his goal keeper too easily. At Sevilla everyone was shocked seeing Dani Alves staying away from Trochowski and kind of inviting him to take a shot at goal. Against Madrid it was a bit tougher as he had to move quickly to close down Ronaldo. But he never made an attempt to put himself infront of Ronaldo's shot is quite surprising. The Dani Alves of the old always used to do that. And the bigger question was why he was marking a player who was comfortably in Adriano's control, leaving so much space for Ronaldo to exploit. We will discuss about Valdes' part in the goal later.

Mar 23, 2011

Thank God, Finally he signed. Yes it is official. Dani Alves has extended his stay at our club till 2015. This was going like a never ending saga. Tha club wanted to extend his contract, everyone knew. The player wasnted to exntend the contract and so did the the fans. Dani Alves was looking to get a better monetary structure but the club was not willing to break the salary structure. The fans never wanted to see him go away from the club, simply because he always provides most assist in a season. On his day, which happens often he is simply a terror on the right wing. The eventual breakthrough in the contract negotiation happened when Dani Alves signed a deal with Adidas last week. It is believed that the club was behind that deal.

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