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May 17, 2020

The German League restarting last night was quite a sight for Football fans across the world. They now see the hope at the end of the tunnel.

It was a sight we waited so long to witness, the restarting of Football. Every football fan watched last night's restarting of European Club Football with hope; hope to see their favorite League kick start soon.

It was quite strange to see all those empty stadiums, even the quietest of noise was heard. Football may not look the same without fans cheering, but then this could be the new normal for at least a year.

When Will La Liga start again?

Normally all of us, the La Liga fans are wondering when the League in Spain will kick start once again. This could take much more time than how it was done in Germany. The main reason is the effect of the Corona Virus in Spain. The same is in the other three major leagues in Italy, France, and England.

Compared to the rest of the European Nations, Germany's death rate has been quite low. That always meant that they would be the first one to start the beautiful game. Now all eyes are on when Spain, England, and France will restart!

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