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Dec 19, 2012

Update : Tito Vilanova will have surgery tomorrow.
Barca fans across the globe today was shocked on learning of the relapse of tumour on Tito Vilnova. It is believed that this could keep the Barca coach out of action for sometime. On the positive side, the initial reports coming out in media suggests a small growth near where he had surgery earlier. As reported by, the doctors remain extremely optimistic about the surgery and his recovery as it is less serious that last time. there were rumours that Barca could approach Luis Enrique or Guardiola for an interim job. But the club has denied approaching anyone. The club has yet to make an official statement. It is believed that the statement will come only after Vilanova talk to his players during today's training session. This news has come as a shocker for many Barca fans, as they were over joyed yesterday with the fact that Abidal was given the Go-Green to start normal training with first team. Supports have been pouring from all direction for our Coach and at the moment he needs all our prayers to come through this.


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