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Jun 1, 2012

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As you all know the club ceremoniously unveiled the new Barca Jersey for the season 2012-13 in grand fashion some days earlier. Catalan based media, especially went over board with the jersey claiming that "the blue and dark red bands don’t have any limits … like Messi’s talent" in the cartoon corner. But all across the internet among the Barca fans, the trending topic or question was - Is this the worst ever? From the time the first leaked pictures came, every Cule has been praying those to be fake. But with the official unveiling those fears came true. The club claims that the design is ground breaking, but a look at the Gradient tool in Adobe Photoshop will show you from where the idea came from. Even though I am disappointed seeing the jersey, but have to admit that it looked a bit better than this version of the rumoured jersey.

Every time any jersey is unveiled, you will have a large number of people who are disappointed with one or the other kit. But everyone whom I have spoken to is disappointed with almost all the kits put forward. The Goal Keeper's kit looks a bit decent but the same cannot be said about the home and away kit. The away kit is a big disaster. Who gave them the idea to merge yellow and Orange is still not known, definitely would have come from somebody who was a bit high. The whole point of designing such a crap away jkit looks like is to make the HOme Kit a bit better. You have to admit that when displayed together the home kit looks much better.

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