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Mar 15, 2013

It had to happen, you cannot keep Barca and Ibrahimovic away from each other. We had to meet each other. He may have tamed down a bit on criticism about our boys after going to Paris Saint-Germain, but there is no lack of passion when he face us. Unfortunately for PSG he is suspended for the first leg and will only play at the Camp Nou, our backyard. The first leg against Paris Saint-Germain would be held on the 2nd of April and the return leg will be on 10th of April. We hold a slight advantage of playing the second leg at home, but that does not mean we have to do a San Siro performance again. The key will be to do well at Paris. The other Quarter-Finals are Bayern Munich vs Juventus, which is the toughest match in the Quarter Final, the second toughest have to be ours. Real Madrid has been paired to face Galatasaray with the second leg being played at Turkey. The Malaga, the third Spanish side to Qualify Malaga has been handed out a very tough tie facing Borussia Dortmund.

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