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Sep 13, 2018

Serena Williams may have succeeded in spinning the tantrum she displayed in US Open final into a Woman's Rights Issue. But despite her fans and supporters clamoring, one cannot deny the fact that her conduct in this incident both on the field and off the field has been a disgrace to the 'Great Champion' she actually is!

Why Serena's US Open Tantrums are So Cheap and Sets a Really Bad Example?

Usually I don't write about anything other than Football in this Blog. Most of the articles will be related to FC Barcelona or at the least related to Football. But I felt a deep urge to write about the recent controversy surrounding Serena Williams about her actions in this year's US Open Final. Many of her fans and supporters have felt that the referee, Carlos Ramos have wronged Serena Williams and took from her the chance to script another memorable come-back triumph.

Serena Williams smartly played the 'Gender' and the 'Mother' card around the issue, and that too immediately. Such a characterization of the issue meant that, those who wanted to speak against her were literally are afraid of being termed a 'Racist'. Which means a host of Greats and Big names in sports have already backed Serena Williams in the entire episode. The Women's Tennis Association and the US Tennis Association both have backed Serena without looking at the merit of the case; one has to wonder what did the referee did wrong in their eyes?

Mar 10, 2008

To all those Barcelona fans who are very much disappointed to see yesterday's performance, this is to cheer you up. We can hope the best. Hope this encourages the players too.

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